Tired of being dependent on other people to play, Sergi conceived The Destroyed Room as a solo project so he could record his songs at home. After two years spent writing about girls, alcohol and the fear of squandering his life, he decided to team up with two friends to form a band. Victor (Reaction-Reaction!, Golpe Mortal) and Borja (who had previously played in Molokai with Sergi) got on board. From that moment on they locked themselves up in their practice space and in two months they rehearsed and recorded their first EP, "Cringe", which they presented immediately afterwards in various Spanish cities (Madrid, Oviedo, Donosti, Barcelona). "Cringe" draws inspiration from American rock (bands like Lucero, Drive-by Truckers and chiefly his idols The Replacements), as much as from punk rock bands such as Armchair Martian, Descendents or Jawbreaker. It was only three months later that they released their second album, a split recording with (Shortfin) Mako Shark, a band from Madrid. These new songs were along the lines of their first EP, but they comprised a greater richness concerning influences and instrumentation, and in some tracks they got closer to pop (The Lemonheads, Yo La Tengo, ...). After some months of playing gigs, and with Alvaro joining band, they are currently getting ready to record a new EP, "The Eastern Winds", and their first 7". Also, the netlabel Error Lo-fi Recordings recently released "The First Six Months", a collection of everything the band has recorded in its first six months spent together.

Sergi - voz, guitarra y armónica
Víctor - guitarra, banjo y coros
Borja - bajo
Álvaro - batería, melódica, xilófono, teclados

Molokai, AID, Planet Shhh
Reaction- Reaction!, Golpe Mortal
Easy on sarsaparrilla, Tatooine, Kottax, ATO


The Destroyed Room & (Shortfin) Mako Shark (TTTR05) - CD - 2009

Cringe for two years in... (TTTR04) - CD - 2009

Home Demos Vol. II (TTTR02) - Tape - 2009

Home Demos Vol. I (TTTR00) - Tape - 2008